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Since 1998, J.D. Abrams L.P. has been a leader in initiating and participating in alternate project delivery methods.

Job Description

Project Manager

Job Location

Dallas Area Office
1140 Empire Central Place
Suite 101
Dallas, TX 75247-4308

Working Title: Project Manager                                         

Supervisor:   Area Manager                                                 


The Project Manager (PM) is the company’s business representative for the project.  They are accountable for the overall performance of the project and for its safe completion, within company policies and to all company standards.  This includes the financial performance of the project; safety performance; owner satisfaction and community relations; prime, subcontractor and material supplier contract management; development of initial project planning and scheduling; selection, utilization, maintenance and management of equipment; recruiting, indoctrinating and developing supervisory personnel; and maintaining a positive work environment for all employees and project participants.

In general, the Project Manager’s focus is more on the long term, looking ahead in anticipation of potential delays and overlooked activities that if not addressed sufficiently in advance would impact project costs and schedule. 

The Project Manager’s duties remain flexible.  In some situations the manager may only have to provide managerial oversight.  In other situations, the manager may have to perform the direct duties of one or more their team members.  The Project Manager must be able to recognize each situation and expand and contract his or her role accordingly. 

General Description of Position

Planning and Scheduling:

A core responsibility of the Project Manager is to provide for maximum effectiveness of the project team.  The PM must keep the team focused on work at the crew level.  This is accomplished by ensuring that the project is thoroughly planned in detail with a primary focus on safety considerations.

The PM is responsible for initiating the overall plan for constructing the project and for developing the Project CPM Schedule.   For the plan and schedule to be effective tools in constructing the project the PM must work closely with the Project Superintendent and other team members in developing the plan and schedule.

As an extension of the overall plan the PM must create and maintain an environment in which the Project Superintendent takes the overall plan and with the support of the PM and the project team develops it in greater detail on a day to day, week to week manner, continuously, all the way to the successful conclusion of the project.  After the baseline CPM schedule is developed, the PM is responsible for ensuring that it is properly maintained on a monthly basis with progress and logic updates as well as time impact analyses that may become necessary due to delays beyond our control. 

Project Performance

The PM is responsible for maintaining a disciplined approach in measuring the performance of the project.  The PM must take the necessary actions to keep the project on schedule and below budget and to keep our workers safe.  To accomplish this the PM must assist the project team in doing the following:

1.      Ensure that the Project Superintendent holds regular coordination meetings with foremen, the project engineer, field engineers and subcontractors. 

2.      Ensure that the project is conducting safety meetings and inspections and that they are training the workers in the awareness and the correction of safety hazards.

3.      Regularly monitor project operations ·          

4.   The project site is clean, organized and is being utilized efficiently for staging material

5.   Regularly observe the performance of our subcontractors for sufficient progress and that they are adhering to our safety policies. 

6.      Prior to their start on the project, ensure that subcontractors participate in a preconstruction meeting

7.   Require the Project Superintendent and appropriate members of the project team to produce daily reports of events and communications with the Owner that occur on the project each day. 

8.      Study the project budget to gain a thorough knowledge of the cost codes and ensure that the Project Superintendent instructs the foremen on the proper use of codes for charging their crew’s time.

Contract Administration

The PM is to maintain the contract that Abrams has with our Owner as well as the contracts we have with our subcontractors and suppliers.  In general, the month to month, routine contract administrative activities are performed by the Project Engineer.  However, it is the PM’s responsibility to ensure that the contracts are kept orderly and current, particularly with respect to progress payments, insurance, authorized changes, potential changes and correspondence.

The Project Manager must first become familiar with the requirements of the contract documents.  The PM must also require the appropriate project team members to do the same.  Familiarity with our contracts provides us maximum opportunity to recognize and perform everything, but no more than what the plans and specs require.

Duties in support of contract administration include the following:

1.   Maintain personal set of contract documents to include all addenda, clarifications and change orders. 

2.   Review the pay estimates and reconcile discrepancies every month

3.   Ensure that the project filing system is set up properly and maintained current

4.   Review Extra Work / Delays to the Contract

5.   Review subcontracts and material purchase orders

6.   Approve all project purchases and forward to the area manager for approval


The Project Manager is responsible for obtaining a high level of performance from the project team.  To accomplish this, the members of the project team must be motivated and capable of performing their jobs well.  It starts with the creation of a positive working environment that is free of intimidation and that fosters open and honest communication, from the bottom up.  It is followed by the willingness to provide personal instruction to those that need additional skills.  Duties that can increase the Project Manager’s success in reaching desirable levels of motivation and capability of the team include:

        1.      Include your project team members in decisions. 

2.      Set goals, evaluate performance, and provide constructive feedback to direct reports on their primary duties and responsibilities.  Praise often.  Require your direct reports to do the same for their subordinates. 

3.      Develop your direct reports by delegating duties and responsibilities to them selected specifically to help them develop. 

4.      Reward good performance by communicating high performing team members to the Area Manager.  Recommend promotions.

5.      Recognize when a team member is performing below expected standards and then provide for the training and specialized instruction to bring that performance up.

6.      Provide routine training for the project superintendent, assistant superintendents, foremen, engineers and craftsmen.

7.      Coordinate with the Area Manager for the transfer of current employees and crews and with the VP Human Resources for acquiring new salaried employees.

8.      Orient all new employees and transferred employees to the specifics of your project.

9.      Assist the Project Superintendent in maintaining discipline of the workforce through enforcement of all company rules.  Provide consultation to project team members in matters of serious disciplinary actions.

10.   Approve all hires and terminations

Education: Civil Engineer, Construction Technology, or Construction Science Degree and ten (10) years of experience   

Other Requirements: Must have current valid driver’s license and have a safe driving record. 



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